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If you feel you would like to send me a testimonial and you are a past or present student it would most appreciated. Please use the form below, make sure you complete all sections before sending.  Can you please mention the town you live in and the month you passed as well. Thank you

Passed first time with no minors! Chris is a brilliant instructor, great fun to talk to and very patient and calm while teaching me even when I myself was panicking.Truly a pleasure to learn from, thanks for everything Chris! Daniel Lee, December 2016

My son jas just returned from his driving test. Passed first time. No minors at all. All down to the excellent instruction from Chris. Highly recommended. Thank you - I now have a free taxi driver.  ;-) Lin Copson, December 2016

Chris is a very patient tutor who explained everything clearly. Always punctual and flexible when needed, really pleased I passed first time  with only 4 minors. Highly recommended, Many Thanks Chris. Jack Bundy, December 2016

Great driving instructor, enabled me to pass first time with only one minor. Cares that you know what you are doing, your'e comfortable and safe. Makes you feel 100% ready to do your driving test once it comes around. Colm O'Sullivan, December 2016

Fantastic driving instructor, made me feel at ease and very friendly and patient. Gives solid advice. Highly recommend. Kevin Jones, Aldershot, November 2016

Chris is a very punctual and patient instructor and helped to reassure me when driving. He gives clear and detailed instructions for everything you need to know for driving and for the test ahead. I would recommend Chris to any and all if they want to pass, his teaching is brilliant. Abigail, Aldershot, Hampshire, May 2016.

After not having the best start to my driving lessons a year or so ago, I  started learning with Chris after he'd been recommended to me by a friend  and my confidence grew massively.  He's the most professional and patient instructor and really cares about your progression. He gives regular constructive feedback and makes sure you're comfortable behind the wheel. I started having a lesson a week in Nov 2015  from North Camp and since moving to Fleet I had them from there. I have just passed my test today April 6th 2016  with only one minor! I would urge anyone to learn to drive with Chris, I wish I did sooner! Thank you so much for your time and patience x

Charntel Wright, Fleet, Hampshire, April 2016

Chris has got to be one of the best driving instructors available, after turning 17 and hearing stories about other driving instructors around I soon realized that Chris would be the one to go for as it was recommended how patient and excellent he was. And after passing my test I can see how much he taught me and thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for someone that will fit in with their schedule and making driving a joy! Thanks for all your patience and hard work Chris! :)

Donovan Rich, March 2016

Chris is a really chilled guy and punctual. I passed my test first time after 5 months of lessons. He taught me all the necessary manoeuvres and built up my confidence as a driver. Chris explained things clearly and why we should do things the way we're told. Many thanks Chris.

Matt Tyler, Febuary 2016

After a bad experience and developing bad habits with a previous driving instructor, Chris managed to build my confidence on the road and made me a much better driver! Very patient and calm. Would recommend Chris to anyone!

Roxy, Farnham, October 2015

I passed my piratical test with Chris first time. He's a great instructor and really give you the confidence and experience you need.

Tom, October 2015

Chris not only taught me how to drive but gave me the confidence to do so! Very patient and clear teacher, I know that I will be a safe driver due to lessons taught!

Jess, Ash, Aldershot,Hants., October 2015

A thoroughly decent guy who as an excellent ability to teach driving to anyone meant that I was able to pass my first test first with only 1 minor from less than 10 hours of lessons!  Recommend him any day.  Calm, patient and reassuring. Thank you v. much Chris! Frazer James, October 2015

Passed my test 1st time with only 2 faults thanks to Chris' fantastic teaching! I was at ease while driving with Chris so when the test came I had confidence at the wheel. He was calm and patient even when I mixed up the date for my driving test!  Huge thanks to Chris all that he did to help me to pass. :D

Abi Kingsnorth, Aldershot, August 2015

Chris is very calm and patient with you whilst driving. He explains everything, and makes sure you understand. I passed my test first time on the 28th May 2015. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone in the Aldershot area as he will ensure your driving is safe and to the best you can do. Thank you so much again Chris!

Joshua Price, Aldershot, May 2015

Chris is the most patient human on the planet I think. I'm one for silly mistakes and taking a while to learn how to fix them - but Chris stayed patient and calm throughout all my lessons. I've been having lessons for a couple of years with Chris, fitting them around my full time job meant they were few and far between but Chris was very accommodating and was as keen for me to pass as I was! Though the real test was driving on my own to work for the first time. I remained calm and very confident, and I know that it's because of the confidence Chris gave me. You won't find a better instructor! Thanks Chris :)

Bekah Leonard, April 2015

No words to say of how amazing Chris was. His knowledge, patience and encouragement was enough for me to pass my test first time in April 2015! My whole life, I've struggled with concentration, coordination and attention, but Chris not only gave me the hope and ability, but the friendship of a great driving instructor. Thanks for everything Chris!

Nathan Ayrton, April 2015

I successfully passed my driving test second time! Chris is a truly brilliant instructor! Thank you so much for your patients and calm, especially at times when I wasn't! I would 100% recommend Chris if you are thinking about starting to drive! Thank you again for all your hard work, patients and calm :)

Shannon Warner, March 2015

I am 25 years old and have had on off driving lessons for years without having the confidence to book a test. Chris was absolutely brilliant! He built my confidence, was patient and helped me to start enjoy driving. Within a few months my test was booked and I passed first time with only one minor! I wish I'd booked with chris years ago. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Craig, Aldershot, February 2015

Thank you so much Chris for your patience and calm. I passed my test the first with four minors. He is unbelievably  PATIENT AND RELAXED even when I kept making the same mistakes over and over again(blame it on the bad habits). Thanks for believing in me and encouraging me to the last bit. I would recommend him joyfully. Thank you SO MUCHHHHHHH.

Tomi,February 2015

I failed my test twice with a previous instructor and lost my confidence. I then went to Chris, he was brilliant. He is patient and calm. I quickly got my confidence back and passed my test with Chris. I wish I had found Chris the first time I was looking for an instructor. Rachael Fletcher, January 2015

Chris is a brilliant driving instructor! I started my lessons with chris in July and thanks to him I passed first time with only 4 minors, 4 months later! Chris knew how much I wanted to pass and in a short amount of time, he really worked hard to help me achieve my goal! I always felt relaxed and happy when on my lessons. I'm so glad I choose chris to be my instructor and can't thank him enough for all his hard work, time and effort to help me become a confident driver! 100% recommended!!

Lucy, Farnham, Surrey, November 2014

Thank to Chris I have successfully passed my driving test. His teaching is exceptional and you really get a good feel of how to drive beyond just passing your test. A massive thank you to him for being so calm and relaxed, and making the process as smooth as possible. 100% recommended! Thanks Chris! Joe, Farnham, Surrey, October 2014

I was so happy to pass my driving test first time this month with only three minors. I had my first lesson on my 17th birthday as I was really keen to learn to drive and I learnt with Chris for 5 months. I always felt safe in his car and looked forward to my lessons. I would recommend him to slightly nervous drivers as he is patient and calm. Thank you Chris for helping me to pass my test!

Emily, Fleet, Hampshire September 2014

I started learning to drive with Chris at the end of 2013, and I passed my driving test this Septmber, Chris is really good driving instructor who I would recomment to anyone, I was really impressed with the lessons and the price was very reasonable. Thank you for everything Chris! Chelsea, September 2014

I am glad to say I have just passed my test in July using Chris as my instructor. The test in Farnborough couldn't have been any more relaxing thanks to the preparation I received in my lessons and how comfortable I had become in the car. I will certainly recommend Chris to anyone wanting to pass. David Brittain, Farnborough, July 2014

I came to Chris after I had another instructor. His method of teaching was incredibly beneficial to me in comparison to my old instructor and he got me through with ease. A really nice bloke and a great help. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Chris!

Dom, Farnham, June 2014

Passed first time would really recommend chris to anyone really good way of teaching you, never felt unsafe in the car. Also lessons are well priced overall brilliant service.

Daniel Cane , Aldershot, April 2014

Passed first time, good lessons and really cheap which is massively helpful for young learners. Would happily recommend to friends or anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Dan Judge, Aldershot, Febuary 2014

Chris was patient and encouraging, even though I needed to pass my test quickly he never pushed me. I am a very nervous driver, but he got me through my test first time!  He had more faith in my driving than I did, I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Nina, North Camp, Farnborough, Febuary 2014

Chris is the perfect driving instructor! He is patient and calm whilst being precise and clear in his teaching. I passed my test in August 2013 with only 3 minors and couldn't have done so without chris so, thank you!

Jack, Aldershot, September 2013

I moved to Aldershot with 3 months until my husband goes to the Falkland's, so I needed to pass my test quick. With 3 instructors and a failed test under my belt it seemed impossible. Yet, in under 10 lessons Chris gave me a total different way of driving and a passed test without a single minor. He's a true instructor that WANTS to get your driving licence. I wouldn't look any further, by far the best instructor I had! Cheers Chris, you're a lifesaver!

Jodie, Aldershot, August 2013

Started learning at the end of April 2013, passed first time with 3 minors on the 17/08/2013. Thankyou so much Chris! His patience and help has been fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone starting.

Jade, Aldershot, August 2013

Chris is an amazing driving instructor! He makes you feel very confident and gives you good feedback! I passed my test in June 2013 & I am glad I went with chris as a teacher - best choice!  Thank you for everything! :)

Jodie Adam, Aldershot, June 2013

Chris is an excellent instructor. For many reasons I never got round to taking a driving test and at the age of 44 I finally decided to give it a go. Chris was patient, calm and believed in me. I passed my test 1st time with only 3 minors. My son is now learning with Chris and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to take lessons

Mark Smith, Cove, Farnborough, June 2013

Chris is an extremely patient, kind and observant character, i would not choose anyone else over chris. i have recommended him to a number of friends and they have all come back with positive feedback. Chris Fagence, Farnborough, June 2013

Chris is an amazing teacher, he was my second instructor, I failed my test twice with my previous instructor. Chris showed me the correct way to drive and become safer in control of the car, which increased my confidence. Due to his teaching I got through my test first time with Chris. I will and have recommended him to other people learning to drive. Thank You Chris! Yasmin, Farnborough, May 2013

I heard about Chris through friend of the family, Chris is a great driving instructor he is calm and patient. I passed second time with six minors. If anyone is looking to take driving lessons, I can recommend that they use Chris Lambert.

Megan Brook, Camberley, April 2013

I met Chris though my nan as she is friends with his wife. Took my first lesson on my 17th birthday and wanted to have more lessons with him straight away. Chris is very supportive and will be there every step of the way. Just passed my test with 2 minors!

Dan Bourne, Aldershot, Febuary 2013

Chris is a great teacher, he makes you do everything as it should be done, this it hard to do at the time but is every bit worth it once you pass your test!  Thanks Chris, your a good guy! Tristan, Farnborough, January 2013

At 23 I had put off driving after 2 bad experiences with past driving instructors. One of these (from a major driving school) gave up after half an hour and told me to try on an automatic. A few years passed and after Chris taught my younger brother I thought I'd give driving another try. I passed first time and on a manual! He knows when to push you and when to give you more time. I ended up looking forward to my driving lessons rather than dreading them. If only I'd found him a few years ago!

Beccy, Camberley, September 2012

Chris is a great teacher and believed in me all the way through my driving lessons. No matter how much I doubted myself he gave me confidence to keep going and I passed my test first time! Thank you! Stephanie, Farnborough, October 2012

Chris is an amazing instructor!!!! He teaches you to drive for life, not just to pass your test!!! He always gives constructive feedback, is very patient and fills you with confidence. I have literally just passed my test half an hour ago and had to write on here he is that good!!! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone and I will certainly be doing the pass plus with him, he won't get rid of me that easily!!!!! Look no further for your driving instructor, Chris is the one to go with! xx

Michelle, Farnborough, October 2012

Chris is an excellent instructor who I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is very friendly and patient, and thanks to his teaching I managed to pass first time. Thanks Chris! Jasmine, Farnborough, September 2012

Chris is a great instructor he gets you there one step at a time, is very patient and helps you get confident at driving. i highly recommend him to anyone who wants a top driving instructor. Robbie, Aldershot, September 2012

Chris is a brilliant instructor. Chris makes you feel confident and reassures you at the appropriate times. I have recommend Chris to many people now and I've heard from them saying that Chris is great at teaching them to drive. I think that someone with very little knowledge of cars will be able to go to Chris and he will be able to help. Highly recommended. Cheers Chris. Ross, Aldershot, August 2012

I used Chris to take some lessons before my Private Hire Taxi test in Farnborough. I took two lessons with Chris and passed with 3 minors only! Chris has a great learner friendly approach that made me appreciate what was required of me. He quickly picked up my mistakes and showed me methods to correct them.

Would highly recommend. :-) Ali, Farnborough, June 2012

Chris is a fantastic instructor. During every lesson he made me feel confident and comfortable with my driving. He has a very relaxed and patient approach in all his lessons. I managed to pass my driving test first time thanks to Chris.

Lindsey, Aldershot, June 2012

Chris is a excellent and patient teacher he even managed to get an old bird like me through my test first time! With a great sense of humour, and confidence building for even the most nervous of students like me, I didn't think I would ever learn how to drive well and confidently but here I am driving at 44! I will be doing the pass plus next and would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a really good instructor.

Thank you Chris. Vickie, Camberley, Surrey, April 2012

Thank you so much Chris, you are an excellent teacher, I will not hesitate to give anyone your number. I started driving with Chris after having 6 lessons with a different instructor and after having just a 90 minute lesson Chris he had taught me a lot more. Chris is a very calm man and talks to you rather than at you, he will help you in every aspect of your driving and get you to your test. If your looking for an instructor then look no further you have found him, Chris Lambert and gent and a scoller plus one hell of a driving instructor. Once again thank you Chris couldn't of done it without you.

Chris, Upper Hale, Farnham, Surrey, March 2012

Chris was a brilliant instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start learning. He gives clear instructions and makes you feel calm and confident and the lessons fun. Cheers Mate! Chris, Farnham, Surrey, January 2012

Chris has been an amazing driving instructor. He is 100 per cent patient and makes you feel confident and calm at all times. He fully prepared me for both the theory and my test and I passed with no minors at all. Thank you for all your help! I would recommend him to everyone he passed my mum and now me. Will definitely do the pass plus with Chris. Tina, Farnborough, January 2012

Chris is an amazing instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He's the nicest person you'll ever meet and the most patient. His techniques are clear, simple and work every time. I passed today with no minors, so thank you Chris, couldn't have done it without your help. Chloe, Farnborough, January 2012

Chris is kind and patient. He teaches in a simple clear way while building up confidence. I went to him afriad of driving but came out passing first time feeling safe and confident in the my abilty and skills which he taught me so well. Highly recommended!

Andy, Ash Vale, December 2011

I passed my test first time today and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great instructor with clear, simple methods that you'll pick up in no time! Chris makes you feel at ease from start to finish and I can't thank him enough for all the hard work he put in teaching me to drive! I'm going on to do pass plus with Chris at some point in the future and am so glad I chose him to learn with! So pleased I passed so thank you Chris. Holly, Cove, Farnborough, December 2011

Chris was a fantastic instructor, makes you feel so at ease and his teaching methods make things so clear and simple. just passed my test without a single fault and could not have done it with out Chris's teachings.

Steven, Farnham, Surrey, October 2011

Chris is an extremely good instructor, he makes driving very straight forward which helps with confidence. He is always encouraging and will give good advice to things you may find difficult. I passed my test first time and am very pleased that I had Chris as my instructor! Thank you! Lauren, Fleet, July 2011

Chris prepared me excellently for my test which enabled me to pass first time in a short space of time, calm and patient teaching ...Thanks Chris!

Daniel, Farnborough, June 2011

Chris is a brilliant teacher, very patient, and i passed 1st time no problems at all, he is the best there is without a doubt, cheers Chris,

Gunar, Ash Vale June 2011

I've just passed my test first time, really happy. I was the only one of 6 people in my group who passed. Thank you so much Chris for being such a skilled teacher.

Elena, Farnham, Surrey May 2011

Chris prepared me well for not only my test but driving in the real world. His instructions were clear and he encouraged me to drive safely with consideration for other road users. His calm and confident manner helped me to pass my test first time and I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor. Thanks Chris

Sarah, Farnborough, April 2011

Chris is an excellent & very patient instructor. He instils confidence in your driving ability, thanks to his straight-forward teaching style. Managed to pass my driving test first time, thanks to him. Certainly would recommend to anyone interested in taking driving lessons. Thanks Chris. Jack, Aldershot, April 2011

Chris never gave up on me and taught me how to be a safe and confident driver, A great guy aswell. Thanks for everything Chris! Tom, Farnbrough, April 2011

Chris was a great instructor. He was always very patient with me, and he could'nt of been more helpful. I believe I wound'nt of passed my driving test first time, if it had not been for his simple and straight forward approach to teaching me to drive and doing manoeurves. I can't believe I passed and I'm so happy, Thanks Chris.

Thomas, Aldershot, March 2011

Managed to pass my test first time with Chris, I found him a great instructor. Would now like to do pass plus so will, thanks Chris, John, Camberley, Surrey. January 2011

Passed my test first time with Chris. Would recommend him to any one wanting to learn. Worked so hard to make me the driver i am today, he is very supportive and understanding. Thank you chris for all your hard work and support means a lot..

Fran, Farnborough November 2010

Chris is a great instructor. I felt comfortable during the lessons and learned everything I needed to pass my test in no time. Nab, Farnham, Surrey, Novemnber 2010

Thanks to Chris and his hard work and dedication towards me I was able to pass my test I don’t think I could of asked for a better driving instructor thanks again for all your help and patience with me. Sam, Farnham, November 2010

I have just finished doing my driving with Chris, I passed 3rd time so I was getting a bit frustrated but Chris was patient and got me through it. I recommend him if anyone would like driving lessons - fab teacher. Many thanks. D Farnborough, November 2010

Chris was a great driving instructor, I couldn't of asked for better! I passed first time, with 5 minors and I honestly don't think it would have been possible without him, he was really helpful and always done his best by me. Would most certainly recommend him, many thanks. Nicole, Aldershot, October 2010

I had absolutely no confidence when I started my driving lessons with Chris. Thanks to his hard work and patience (and trust me I'm by far not the easiest person to be patient with!) I passed first time with 8 minors. If it wasn't for Chris I really don't think this would have been at all possible. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take driving lessons and I owe him a massive thank you :) Helena, North Camp, Farnborough October 2010

I managed to pass first time with only 3 minors which I never thought would happen, all thanks to Chris. I was not very confident on the road but thanks to Chris being so friendly and patient I have built up so much more and now have my own car :) I have just had my first pass plus lesson which was very good. Thank you. I would recommend Chris to everyone! Suzi, Cove, September 2010

Chris was an amazing instructor, he gives you a lot of confidence in the car and does not put any pressure on you at all. I was not surprised I passed first time after having eight one hour lessons with him, the bonus is he is a really nice guy and his car is superb to drive. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. Thanks for everything, Matt, Aldershot, Hants

Just passed with Chris, I did one of his condensed driving courses total of 31 hours, I would recommend to anyone that wants to get it done quickly. Many thanks Chris, John, Farnham, Surrey

Got my own car now and thanks to you and your patience and confidence in me. Thanks, Alison, Fleet, Hants

Thank you for teaching Jenny to drive, we feel very safe when she is driving and are now getting our own back for all the lifts that she owes us!, be in touch soon as Mathew is 17 in September. Mike & Jean, Farnborough

I am enjoying my driving So..... much thanks Chris you're a great instructor, see you soon. Jane (Ossy) North Camp, Farnborough

Chris my friends are well sick because I passed first time with only 2 minors so I think you may get a call from some of them, my folks want me to do the pass plus thing so will ring you soon, cheers mate Al Farmer, Southwood, Farnborough

Before I went with Chris I failed 2 driving tests and lost confidence in driving. I had around 6 lessons with Chris and felt so much more confident and passed the first test I took with him.Thankyou! Lisa, Fleet, Hampshire

Went with one of the Largest driving schools had 3 different instructors none seem to care about my driving it all seemed about money so I stopped and lost interest, started work and meet my friend Sally who Chris taught, passed in June now have my own car thanks to Sally & Chris

I have leant so much with Chris in a very short space of time, he taught me in a very straight forward way, he corrected all of my bad habits and put a lot of emphasis on the practical side of driving, I found his straight forward technique for the manoeuvres very easy and passed with flying colours. Maria D'Asta Keating, Aldershot

Chris is part of our family as he taught my two sisters and my brother, thanks Chris, see you later for pass plus.
Tom A, Southwood, Farnborough, Hampshire

I was with another driving school and felt I was going nowhere, my friend Gabby was with Chris and passed very quickly, so when I went with Chris I could not believe the difference in the way he taught and I looked forward to my lessons, great instructor, cheers Emily Price

Failed my first test then went with Chris, good guy thanks mate. Geoff Barnes

Chris you are a cool dude, really enjoyed my lessons with you but you have not got rid of me yet my folks want me to do the motorway thingy with you, thanks mate speak soon. Craig, Farnham, Surrey