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T: 01252 338420 or M: 07802 574210

Learn to drive at 15

Enrol on what I believe to be a unique course, which is conducted within the safety of a private road system. The layout of this driving area enable young drivers to gain confidence, without the stress real road driving and is an ideal starting point for the under seventeen's.

Course details

I offer 3 stages of courses

Stage 1

Moving off, Stopping, Hill starts

Stage 2

Bay Parking, reversing round a corner

Stage 3

More advanced skills

Sundays 9.45 am - 1.00 pm

3 pupils per car

Free local pick up

Free light refreshments

Cost £70.00 per stage

For further information and prices please contact me by email or telephone. Please bear in mind I will not be able to talk on telephone while conducting lessons.